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Who keeps precious almond-coated candies received as a wedding gift? Or again, the bags of surprises offered to children on birthdays? A photo taken on the spot as a souvenir will certainly produce a much more lasting effect. Moreover, nothing beats a funny photo to immortalize an unforgettable event.

Let us surprise you with our photobooth rental service. Therefore, you can take as many photos as you want, where you want and when you want.

It’s easy to capture the smiles and energy of the evening! Our photobooths are equipped with high-end cameras to produce quality photos every time. Whether it’s for a wedding, a birthday, a prom, a launch or a corporate event, every opportunity is good to have fun! With its sleek and attractive design, this easy-to-use gadget for even the most tech savvy quickly becomes the focus of interest for sure. A courteous and professional operator is on hand to help you throughout your experience. Thanks to our fun and original accessories, a flash of light sums up your photo shoot where spontaneity and laughter are on the menu. The quick printing of photos allows all your guests to leave with a souvenir in their hands.

Several packages are offered to suit all budgets and all types of events. We assure you a fast, professional and personalized service every time. Do not wait any longer! Contact us today to make your next special event a memorable one.