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Capturing a precious moment of your life will immortalize it forever..

Remember when your grandmother proudly showed you her pictures as a young girl, all beautiful and radiant? Sharing your most beautiful moments illuminates the eyes of your loved ones and warms your heart. The human being does not have the tools to stop time, but we are able to capture every detail with our photographers.

Whether with regular or potential customers, we always build strong relationships with them in order to offer services worthy of our reputation. Together, we are committed to capture the best moments of your evenings. Tell your story later to your grandchildren, photos in hand.

Hello, my name is Denis. My mother is Denise … but that’s another story! My headquarters is in La Prairie, on the south shore of Montreal, but I can travel anywhere in the world!

It is in July 2014 that I founded Denis Girard Photographie. After more than 20 years in the artistic fields of music and special effects in video games, I turned to photography. I have always loved art in all its forms and it is no surprise that I try to treat my photos as if they were, in their own right, works of art.
I made the decision (after all I’m the boss!) To put emotions, authenticity and humor in the foreground of my photography … but be careful, that does not mean that all that I do is funny, far from it! I do not believe in photography specialization and I push myself every day to become better and to refine my knowledge, in all styles of photo.

My approach is very relational. It’s quite simple to notice! I have a lot of ability to connect with people and put people at ease right away. It’s probably because I love people and the ir stories interest me … it really does! Although I offer my services in the studio, it is generally in your own universe that the sessions take place and it makes everything very pleasant, familiar and especially personalized.

The beautiful Geneviève, also my partner and accomplice of life, accompanies me as 2nd photographer, during events such as weddings. She is fantastic and completes me so well as a photographer. How lucky you and I are to have her!

It is with great pleasure that I offer you my photography services, no matter your project. Now I will leave the room to my clients! I invite you to consult the section “customer testimonials”.
Will we meet soon ?