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“If you’re vintage to the bone? You played Mario Bros. This song played non-stop on the radio. The classic Nintendo has made a dazzling comeback this year. And who remembers games like Punch Out, Mortal Combat, Pac Man, Street Fighter, Sonic or Zelda? We confirm, the fashion “retro” is super trendy! Anyway, who has not once been addicted to these mega addictive video games?

No need to be “geeks” to want to incorporate retro video games to your private events. That’s what makes the difference between a boring event where your guests are thumbing their heads while waiting for food to be served, and an event that is a success when your guests are having fun like children. That’s Mario Bros. running after a mushroom … Failed! A Goomba attacked him! Now it’s Luigi’s turn to play! Hours of pleasure and laughter guaranteed.

This formula also works great for weddings. When it’s 5-6 weddings in the row you’re in, the little mustaches and photobooth wizard hats will not make you feel hot or cold. So, stop making the same mistake and add a touch of originality to your event to make it as special and memorable for your guests as it is for you. Adding a theme is a good start, and if the theme is “Arcade Retro”, it’s THE winning solution!

No need to take your old Nintendo out of the dusty closet, or blow on the game cassettes until your lungs explode to make them work. Epic Entertainment is about bringing a mobile arcade with multiple built-in Arcade games, whenever you want, wherever you want it. Just ask for it or reserve your date right now from our online submission tools and get an instant discount.